tba, in process, worth exploring on your own!
BookThe Charge
I originally perused the book, thought it was just ok and put it aside.  I later picked it up and was blown away by the insights and usefulness of what he writes.  I highly recommend this book and the quality of what Mr. Burchard does. 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Free video on YouTube:

The Charge: Activating The 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive (15:35)
Good, quality material focused on what is important and effective for both life and business or job.

Learn some great "life" stuff - and for some people you might be interested in the money making specifics.  Realize that living the way he suggests is good for your happiness and it is not about making more money - however the latter can be a by-product.  

Several best selling books, rated highly.  I loved The Motivation Manifesto!

Consider his High Performance Academy

The This-That Rule Tool (free)

Meditation Guide (free) - Simple

Free Videos From Brendon Burchard - Cherry pick them if you wish.  Some really good ones.
    Know your answer to: Life's Last 3 Questions  
       in his Life's Golden Ticket Story.(5:53)

Review his site.
Watch his videos and take notes.
List down strategies in each area he suggests and put it into your plan.
   Implement the schedule of a succeeder!

YouTube (free) - Enter his name into search engine and select more.  Do them in time blocks to get in sufficient time, but not overly take your time.  Of course, you can choose to do more than one or vary it.

Time Block

Motivation - Myth Of Limiting Beliefs (19:56)

Productivity - Getting Things Done (14:10)
Are You Achieving As Much As You Could? (15:00)
   The Secret Is Not Enough - Psychology And
       Physiology Of High Performance (13:38)

Time Block - 1.5 hours

How Millionaires Schedule Their Day - 1-Page Productivity Tool (30:57)

Brendon Burchard At SuperHero You (41:32)

Time Block

Implement those things in the earlier time blocks; no less time than this! 

Time Block

The Discomfort Of Happiness (18:55) - What would it take for you to be happy? 

How To Be Happy - Secrets To Happiness (6:59)

How To Overcome Fear (11:02)

The Rejection Myth: How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection (9:37)

Write about it and decide what to do.

Time Block 5

How Incredibly Successful People Think (6:35)

Release Meditation Technique (31:53)

Write about it and decide what to do.

How To Design Your Destiny (10:34)


Love: Finding It, Opening To It, Generating It (11:56)


Confidence, Drive & Power (A Dave Asprey podcast) - Interview (1:02:28)