Although somewhat duplicative (of course) of the Productivity Increasers Checklist In Priority Order, this list is shorter and simpler and not so mind boggling.  You might wish to scan that piece first, now, and then put it on your to list, to be scheduled, to do.

The quickest, most basic but required to dos are in An Overview Of The Life Value Productivity Practices, AKA Life Value Creation Practices.

Do those basic ones, at the very least!


Don't quit this list!  Complete it.  Don't make the classic mistake of stopping short!

Don't stop at "knowing this stuff", but not doing it!!!  (How unsmart would that be!!!) Learning and accumulating unused knowledge is one of the key strategies for people who are unsuccessful in life overall and in specific areas of life.  They do not follow through until they achieve "Sufficient Knowing" and then also achieve Completion on all that is impactful at a sufficient level to be worthy of doing.


__ Define in order of importance what is of value in life, assign a relativity score for the impact it has on your life; such as 100 for emotional well-being, 80 for relationship, 50 for work or whatever is true for you. 
__ List out every activity and the time it takes, for an entire week (tickle this in your calendar to do at least yearly, though every six months is recommended).
    __ Eliminate from the future, based on priority based on impact:  iritating, wasteful,
         displeasurable, low value.  Or delegate.
    __ List what else you could do with your time that is enjoyable, productive, and/or


__ Become a productivity, time management ninja.  Don't stop short of true expertise as it will save you huge amounts of and allow you to create the greatest life of all!


For anybody who values life highly, you must implement all of these and don't stop until you've checked off the whole list as being implemented in your life. (Note that if you're "too busy" to do these, then it is imperative that you do them asap, as it is your only hope for the future to not be too busy!)
___ Energy handled first
      __ Full night's sleep
      __ Naps, as needed
      __ Exercise (15 minutes minimum, 30 minutes most days)
      __ Breaks scheduled (see 90 minute time blocks)
      __ Healthy eating, assuring no ups and downs 
__ Scheduled time to assure emotional well-being
    __ Emotional grounding
    __ Rejuvenation, recovery time (yes, schedule it ahead of time!)
__ Protect and kindle emotional energy
    __ Avoid negative people (you don't have time for that)
    __ Never allow negative conversation, from you or anyone else.
    __ Playing full out all the time kills emotional energy, take breaks, never rush.
    __ Read inspiring and/or life-enhancing books (pleasure reading is fine, too)
__ Scheduled time sufficient to have a quality relationship
__ Guarding time like a hawk, constantly (it's actually fun!)
__ Focusing almost always on the top priority; allow no others before this is finished
    - let everything else fall by the wayside as an acceptable cost for the extra value
__ Say no as often as possible (except to highest value items, of course), get really,
    really good at this!  
__ Plan your day in writing, in advance (battle plan and, yes, allocate every hour, with
    breaks also) - easy to bypass, but at a big cost to the day
__ Plan your week (more important than the daily plan; do this and follow this format)
__ Schedule everything that matters (stick it in a specific time block!), including
    exercise, rest, spouse, emotional well-being time, improving life, rejuvenation times,
    planning time.  If you don't do this, you'll be operating in a world of irreality.
     __ Set up standard time blocks in your day, week, month, year.
__ Ruthlessly triage your calendar (eliminate, reduce, minimize the unimportant, put
    off, reschedule, beg your way out of, put your foot down - you have limited
    resource and you must understand that!!!)
__ Don't multitask, ever (even on phone calls or on mundane things), it fries your
   brain and trains the primitive mind to be more anxious and less systematic,
   reducing one's ability to actually think!
__ Group all similar tasks into a substantial time block that is scheduled later.
__ Complete it right then, or don't start (cut ruthlessly that which you will probably
    never get back to and everything that is for sure not of high value - everything -
    don't even file it "for later".  You do not have enough spare attention units to waste
    on those!
__ Don't continue anything where it has less value than what else you could do instead.
__ Sift quickly (scan for what is relevant, hardly ever read a whole non-fiction book
    or article when you can pick and choose and scan - but do schedule a follow
    through for all important followups, or you've just wasted your time!)

Do these all, each and every one of them, as if your life actually had value and was too precious to spend on anything that is not precious, not treasured, and/or not of high value!!!!  (Oh, yes, it is important to remind all of you unproductive perfectionists out there that you are not to seek out more sophisticated ways of doing all of these things - just do them first, without question and without delay!!!!! )

WHAT'S NEXT (After you've finished all of the above!)

Of course, don't forget to actually schedule time, weekly or at least bi-weekly, to learn what is necessary to become a "life value" productivity ninja!  It's your life and this will be your most impactful activity you can do, as it frees up the time to do all the high impact activities that will be of value to you!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you will have to read several books but you could optionally also start with The Program For Productivity And Time Management - The Central Road To An Incredible Life.

Do it this way!

Knock of the quickies first!  And then do the others, including reading selected links.  Full implementation will take around 10 hours, but you'll save hours right from the start and end up saving 100's of hours within a short while - and 10's of thousands over your lifetime - and, what's most important is that you'll increase the value in your life at least 10 times of what it was before!  

A nice short alternative read

Practical, sufficiently detailed, and interestingly done, in only 49 short pages. I hope it is still available (free). 

Michael Hyatt's Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek (link to his site).

My productivity book

Designed to be complete to carry you through to a whole new life based on life value.

"Life Value Productivity" - Link to it from my Books, Booklets page.