Definitely one of the best source of practical and doable wisdom that you'll ever find.  Learn it well and it will magnificently upgrade your life!

Read below and then explore and learn more from this.  (Also, read my "white paper" on this is at Abraham Hicks.)  


Take notes to get the most out of these.

The Law Of Attraction - 5 videos totally about 40 minutes.

Explore their YouTube Channel:  The Teachings Of Abraham.

Explore this one, too: Abraham-Hicks Thoughts.

Applied to politics:

How Trump became president & advice moving forward - Esther Hicks (32:31) - This truth seeking is especially useful when there is a fear-filled, emotionally charged viewpoint. Note how "righteousness" and judging another comes about.  Note how one is being responsible or not (i,.e. playing a victim). 

Compare the reasoning with that of Byron Katie in "I'm Afraid Of Trump" - The Work Of Byron Katie (37:26)

Summaries of her books (video)

By Brian Johnson, Philosopher's Notes:

Ask And It Is Given (9:44)

The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent (9:46) 

Money And The Law Of Attraction  (9:56) 

Tiredness is a sign of resistance (11:12)


As I've looked at the core of the teachings, I see how they strongly correlate with my conclusions from studying across all of the philosophies.  

As with virtually all philosophies, there are some "verifiable" truths but also some asserted, but not verifiable truths.  As the Buddha recommends, approach all learning from the point of view of questioning and believe no one until you've also verified and/or tested its truth, or not!

I concentrate in pulling the great amount of practical wisdom from the teaching, but I do not adhere to the "beliefs" about certain unfalsifiable unknowables as I stick to what complies with the scientific method.  (I do the same with religions, pulling out what is provable wisdoms and using those.)

There is much wisdom here that, if you learned it and installed it into your belief system, will transform your life and your happiness in life! 

Throw aside your fear of the idea of the "vehicle" being "channeling Abraham", and have no concern about it as you do what we do on this site: we screen everything so that we have no fear of not having the correct, healthy beliefs in life.  (We are always "safe" because we do our homework and have confidence that we've done it completely enough to be able to rely on it with great confidence.)  Just listen with an open mind, and you'll find, as I have, great wisdom to include in making your life much, much, much better!    
Note that much of what she says and her methods of getting to what is true is similar to Byron Katie, who also has a page on this site. 



Everyone is personally selfish, we can't be otherwise...that is how we evolved and survived!

Your GPS is your feelings system, positive or negative...they indicate whether something is true and aligned with your purpose...use them as a test! 

What is making you tired is resistance... 

You have your nose in so many places that don't serve you, plus you allow yourself to be run by or disturbed by your passive thoughts - you must take over and do deliberate thought...

When your thoughts, what you speak, and your actions are in true alignment with what you truly want, you will be able to achieve anything another human being has or can achieve. 

Related to this site's piece The Essential Ingredients For Life Success For Living A Life Of Grace, Ease, And Happiness: But even Esther Hick's more detailed version of the Law of Attraction said one must invest a lot of effort in moving one's thought level to a higher level before one would stop sabotaging or limiting success.

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This is, among the many I've studied and compared, one of the best sources of practical life wisdom!


"Lightening Up" To Achieve 
En-Lightenment - What To Do - Plan #1 - Books to read, and DVDs to watch, as recommended on my site.


Organized for easier, better use:  

Abraham Hicks, Contents, Links Directory

'Related' philosophies

Byron Katie 

Eckhart Tolle

Ken Wilber - The Integral Life Philosophy 

Buddhism And Life - A Quick View With Links  

Werner Erhard - Starting A New Way - Pretty direct, as compared with the others, but advocating similar viewpoints and ways of looking at things. 

The Option Institute - Watch the free videos!

Books to read

Ask And It Is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks (a higher level of The Law Of Attraction and 
The Secret)


On the Abraham Hicks site, see: About.

The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy ("feeling good") and not about success in any other way that might get in the way of feeling good. DO NOT allow negative feelings to sit in your mind, period.  

ALWAYS (return to) be "feeling good", no matter what.  That is the ONLY way to live life in its truest purpose.  (We instead tend to accept only feeling good once in a while - that is NOT to be tolerated!!!!!)

If it doesn't feel good, that is a sign it is not right!!!

If you feel good, you will be much more productive, as you will have little resistance or other things that will get in the way.

You are 100% responsible for creating what you want in life, including assuring that you feel good and are having a wonderful life experience.  

Figurative, metaphorical...

I take the words as being figurative (often with metaphors spoken as if facts...or anlaogies):

When you ask, it is answered         (pretty much in your head, only,  
  not by a mystical force!))

The Universe will provide for you (Just figurative, not literal!)

The Vortex (a place in your brain where the aspirations, dreams, and intentions are stored whereby you will be attracted to work on to create (a version of the law of attraction).  This is "figurative" for "mental thought reinforcing itself     upward"  

Vibrational match (A simplification for easy use of the idea that if we think high level thoughts our brain will be more highly functioning and flowing energy down the physical neuronal pathway system in the brain.  Technically "energy" is always in the form of "waves" that are characterized, even by scientists, by vibrations - how fast they oscillate and how highly they rise up or along the "pathway".