Give her credit for having turned around her own extreme depression and then having done it for many others.  Do not dismiss the parts that might seem silly, as they are not.  For instance, some people think it is silly to "turn things around" - but it is a good way to examine more of what might be true.  Those who judge too quickly after a brief exposure are engage in pure arrogance.

She has taken this further than "insights" or "spiritual explanations" (non-explanations, really) that have one feel good for the moment.  She has taken it through actually doing the work and applying Critical Thinking to what is true and what is not true, so that you're not stuck in the B.S. that is having you suffer.

After decades of despair, convinced that she wasn't enough and never had been nor would ever be, one day she woke up and the suffering was gone, replaced by joy. "I discovered that when I believed in my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn't believe them, I didn't suffer, and that is true for every human being.  I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment."

From this site's Bad Past, But Good Life

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Her bio on her site
In text box to the left, see quick summary of her story in Bad Past, But Good Life - Letting Go Of The False, Justifying Beliefs.

Success After The Darkness - Depression And Solving It - Lists Katie as one of the successes.. 

"The only time you suffer is when you believe a thought that argues with reality.  You are the cause of your own suffering - but only all of it.  There is no suffering in the world; there's only an uninvestigated story that leads you to believe it.  There is no suffering in the world that's real.  Isn't that amazing!" 

See, on this site, Acceptance Of Reality And All Of Life - A Profound Reality

She asserts:  There are three kinds of business - mine, yours, and God's.  If another person "should" do something, you are in his/her business - and out of touch with reality.  (I agree!)

(See also:  Control, to avoid wasting energy and suffering.)


In her work, we write the mind down on paper so that we can stop it and look at it. (Of course!  Anyone not doing that, and expecting to be smart and wise, is, instead, a fool of wishful thinking.)

Only if we do the writing (and the work, using the forms) can we really question the validity of those beliefs that cause us suffering.  Then, and only then, can we stop operating from those - and establish true beliefs, that work in life. 

The sure sign of a false belief is that it produces suffering.  Though you probably, like most people, believe that suffering is inevitable and/or produced by some mysterious force in the brain, that's simply not true.  Part of learning is about learning that is not true at all - even though you could, right now, swear it is true.  It isn't.   (See Suffering and study the subject until you see this!)


I explain "turn arounds", which some people make up wrong stuff about, in How To Look At And Use Her Forms
FORMS - My Version Of How To Look At And Use Her Forms (see videos by her on how to use them also).

We judge, against a false standard of "it should be".

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