How To Look At And Use Her Forms

Study her work! 

Don't do the practice of the ignorant, where they look, form an opinion, don't think, and don't investigate. [One "core must learn" is how to do Effective (Critical) Thinking. If you don't do this, you are virtually guaranteed to suffer.]

Her The Work definitely has value.  AND you've got to work at it - but the payoff is more than worth the effort.


"Why the "turn it around", as it seems so silly?"

A "turn around" involves inserting a change that could be the opposite or could apply to you instead.  "She's so rude" turns around to "I'm rude."  And then we ask if that is true.  The bottomline is that each of us has some of each of the opposite traits - and it is essential to see that.

She's not advocating that the turnaround is true.  She's just using it as a "viewpoint generator" so that we can look at it from all sides and most likely get some insights that we can see what is true and what is not true.  (Operating from what is not true really sucks!  Believing that what is not true is true is preposterous - and its effect is most often damaging to ourselves.)

We judge, against a false standard of "it should be".


One Belief At A Time Worksheet - See free   
    YouTube videos for how to use.
Judge Your Body Worksheet


Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet   See her video explanation on how to fill it in.  Video (7:19)