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Time blocking can include the idea of setting aside a block of time each week at a scheduled set time for some specified purpose.

But the time blocking technique we are talking about here is a process of setting up blocks of time in which to do activities and tasks.  I've chosen, for instance, to live my life in 90 minute segments (or "blocks"), both for productivity and for taking breaks.  (See Living My Life In 90 Minute Segments.)

Note that while a time block is set up to assure focus (and thus staying in momentum with regard to the work and progress on one thing), we must remember to include time for a "break".  The purpose of a break is to "restore" our level of functioning (energy, alertness, sharpness).  If we do not do that, then we lose energy momentum and slow down because we fall into low functioning (failing to keep our energy balance that is needed to powerfully go through life and to stay in The Power Zone of living life). See also The Time Out Tool - As A Tool For Rebalancing, Reconstituting.

In a number of time management scheduling disciplines a standard time block of a fixed amount of time at a fixed time is set up in the daily schedule but initially is empty, without any task.   But the time block may be labeled "time block 1" to indicate the first time block in the day and will probably also be labeled, or understood to be so, as only for high impact activities.


In my daily schedule, the first 3 time blocks are all to be of the highest impact/importance/value, while some time blocks later in the day might be focused on just getting things done that need to be done, such as maintenance type activities.

The blocks appear on the calendar (and can be dragged and dropped in different time slots if need be) and I "fill them up" with what I choose from my daily plan sheet. 


The value of time blocks is that it is a specified time to concentrate and focus without distraction, as no other activity is to pop up and interfere (unless an emergency, of course).  And it has a specified end time, so that a rejuvenation/energy break will automatically come up.

The advantage of having specified time blocks for high value work only is that I won't just do just anything that strikes my fancy and I won't be randomly wandering through my day.  I will know that this time is only for producing high value.  And doing the high value items first in the day not only assures that I deliver more value for the day but also gives me a sense of accomplishment along with an actual freedom to do more of what I wish later - it even gives me more free time.


See The Model Day For High Productivity.  


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