It came to me suddenly last night, intact, that God would, in my mind, counsel you with the words I have written, in quotes, on this page.  And I acknowledge that I cannot, as a mere mortal know all that is true or existent.  However, I do have the God-given gift to reason.  And this is my attempt to contribute what I can...


You are in dire straits, but, you say, the church expects you to stay in your current calling until they call you for another.  And, if I understood you right, that is the way it is always done and therefore shall be done in the future.

You worry about such thing as "I would lose face."   "I would lose my influence."  "I would not be doing my part."  "I would not be able to save some projects that only I could really do."  And on and on, with lots of reasons why not to take care of yourself and your loved in the now.  


I would imagine that such a high level being as God must be entirely enlightened and super compassionate with his children.  I would reason also that God could not be as rigid, autocratic, unfair, out of control with his anger, etc., that he would do the things that mankind makes up that the does.  On the basis that he is and can only be the highest being, in all due respect, I would imagine that this is what God would counsel you.


"Well, confidentially, to be honest with you, Daniel, many of even the higher people in your church community do not communicate with me in any direct way any more than you actually talk back and forth with me. 

Therefore, I would advise you not to follow their directions over mine. 

And I advise you to first be true to yourself and to check in with yourself about what "feels right", unpolluted and not confused with conflicting unquestioned moralities of others based on their interpretations. 

And know that they do not fully understand you nor have many of the facts.  They do not know what is right for you.  They are unable to judge what the tradeoffs are with regard to you and your situation.

As one of my deeply beloved children, I feel your pain and suffering.  I do not want that suffering for any of my children.  I have asked that you serve others such that you will relieve their suffering and benefit them, but I certainly would never ask that you yourself be untrue to my wish to relieve my children of suffering (with regard to yourself!).  I hope only, after each person has done for himself what is of value, that each of you not engage in activities of no value or of little value and that you take that time instead to benefit your fellow mankind - and I have built it into you that you would feel a reward and a satisfaction in you for each time you contribute another.  But in no way could that feeling be more powerful and meaningful than for you to contribute what is of most value to your own self! 

Please hear that!

You are not the lesser of my children, and, as such, it is my absolute wish that you first relieve your own suffering and that you do what is necessary to create the benefit to yourself of having a great life. 

And that is always first for each of my children, for it would make no sense that I would ask one to be added to at the expense of subtracting from the life of another one of my children.

I request that you not honor as "the truth" the interpretations and additions that Man has added in their own limited capacity.  You must honor your own truth, after, of course, sufficient examination to know that it is the truth that will serve you the best.

Be clear, please, Daniel, that it is my sincere, most ardent wish for you that you first relieve your own suffering and correct your own life as soon as you can, without further delay! 

Everything else "out there" as far as your projects and "contribution" to the world must never be allowed to be valued at even close to the value that I see in your living a good life where you are experiencing true emotional well-being. 

It was never my intent, as that would have been very "unsmart" of me, to have anyone truly sacrifice their own being for another - that was never my intent and that was why I built into you what has worked for mankind's survival.  And, quite simply, I built in a super strong instinctual drive for survival.  And that includes each of my children's well-being. 

Also, I don't want you to misunderstand how the world of reality works. 

You cannot possibly affect other's lives, nor have the power to control and impact them to a large enough degree to add value that is greater to others in total than the value, to you, as a human being, of your own life.  (That value to yourself is something I made to be virtually infinite, at least 10,000 times the value of another person to you.  And so it is that each human has that built into them. Though in the world they are all equal, that is not true in the individual within himself - and it is I who created that and I would hope that you would honor that truth and honor your preciousness in your own unique, built in "valuing system", one that I set up so that mankind would better survive.)

It is true that mankind has made up many myths, with some of them conveying ridiculous, even absurd, rules and moralities.    I am disappointed with the extremes in many religions, as they have perverted what all logic would dictate is best for mankind - and also what would be true of me. 

One of the biggest "persuasion tactics" was designed originally to help people fight against other groups of enemies more effectively, so they taught them, and manipulated them, into "being heroes", sacrificing their own lives so that they would therefore be honored - and all men seem to be irrationally and inappropriately drawn to the flattery by others and to receiving honor from them.  Even some of the extremists think that if they give up their lives they are martyrs who will receive plaudits from me - and that is totally untrue.  Although I have compassion for them, I certainly am disappointed in them and I would never support what they are doing.  Again, I repeat, mankind, even in your own church community, has misinterpreted and added to what is "the truth" - so examine it for yourself to see what is reasonably the truth instead of accepting it as "God given".

Yes, I, too, do experience sadness, as part of my caring for mankind.  But I realize that they are not perfect and that they must live life as well as they can.  It is, however, my absolute wish that none of them bring upon themselves great suffering.

You have suffered much because of your misinterpretations AND you've certainly tried your best and contributed an extraordinary amount to mankind, but I am sad that you have given up your own life (or, as you have said, "ruined my life").  I wish for you to now correct all this as soon as possible, letting go of most of the things you're doing out there, as you, My Child, are much, much more valuable than those things out there are. You are Loved, My Child, and I want you to repair your life and to reach happiness as soon as possible, without further delay, and with truly firm resolve

Yes I agree with the advice that it is only by taking a full sabbatical that you will be able to have the time to do the necessary repairs and reconstruction fast enough.  It will not be possible otherwise, as all things take time and there is much to do here.

I also am deeply saddened at your relationship having been neglected for so long, as she is one of my beloved children.  I ask that you do whatever is necessary as soon as possible to create a relationship with her that will fulfill her and complete her - I need you to prepare for a Celestial life together, now, before it's too late.  Will you do that, for me but more importantly for her?

Will you take a sabbatical so that you can save your life and make it happy, as one of my Beloved? 

I ask that you hear this and know it for it's truth - and that you honor it above what Man says and/or what Man pressures you to do. 

You are My Child.  It is now your time to live out the rest of your life on Earth in happiness, no longer suffering. 

Now is the time.  Go with haste to this new way of being, for me, for you, for your loved ones."