In a great life,

I run my life at a very good-feeling pace and make sure I live it with low stress and high satisfaction.

I live the Four Factors necessary to be happy:  (see that page for links to each of these).
   I feel good about who I am.
   I have the confidence that I can, and will, handle any situation and be able to
       produce happiness no matter what the outcome.
   I consider life (and its pieces) to be good.
   I appreciate the immensity of how great life is (and do not engage in the
       "unhappiness gap").

I have determined what is of the highest value and made myself capable of creating the highest accumulated total value in my life!


A great life doesn't just happen to people.  It doesn't come from being a good person or from chance.  It only comes from your having created it.   (It is true, however, that some people have a head start - but each and everyone of us must create the rest of that life.)

A cautionary statement here:  Many people are intimidated and/or don't understand how such a life would be attainable for them - or they think it is too hard, that it somehow is a "tough" life, when it actually is the opposite - it is an easier life and a much better one.  (One description of the life is at Living The 80/20 Life.)

Hopefully this piece (and some of its links) will clarify this so that you "know" that you can achieve such a life:   Am I capable of learning and implementing what is needed to create a great life?


You get a choice:

__ 1.  Have life just happen to you (which never works well overall)

__ 2.  You happening to life (you creating it on purpose). 

Assuming you make the second choice, you no long "get to" just live in hope or dependence on circumstances or other people.  You proactively, assertively do those things that create a great life (and what you do is immensely worth it all, at a huge gain - a gain of life itself, especially when compared to most people..). 

You cannot expect to make giant leaps right over what are parts of the necessary sequence to have you get down the path.  There is no miracle that will occur - and waiting for it or expecting it will not work out well for you. 

(Read And Then A Miracle Happens...Wanna Bet?.  Also nail down the reality that everything in this universe is caused by a chain of actual happenings, in a "causal sequence":   Cause And Effect.  See some examples of such chains, in the box to the left. )


Energy - So we must learn how best to generate energy.

Directing the energy to what gives us the biggest positive gain - This requires "thinking ahead", planning, and making decisions.  The direction of that energy is a skill called productivity - producing the most for the given amount of energy.

Making good decisions - Of course, that requires learning how to do that and then following the "procedure"

Knowledge acquisition, of what is most useful to us - Without effective learning that is directed to what will give us the most impact in our life, we cannot hope to gain a great life.  Without self-knowledge it is impossible to live a great life, because one would be at the mercy of ignorance and emotional reactivity at some level.

Building the essential skills and abilities for life

Following (and/or revising and devising your own) the path to building the great life - This also involves learning what actually produces happiness and what produces unhappiness - see The Causal Chain For Happiness - This Is The Way It Actually Happens, Not That "Other Way" .


A "Great Life" is one where one is happy and creates the most "total life value".  This is discussed in the piece "Life Productivity" - Producing The Maximum Life In Your Life.  That piece, with a link to the book, will lead you to the first book in the series to create a great life:  The Quickest Route To High "Life Productivity" From Wherever You Are Now.

You will be extensively using selected pieces from The Learning/Implementation Programs And Plans contents/links page.    (Contents/Links Page)

Along the way (or you might want to jump to it right now) you'll encounter:  Living Life As A Life Champion - The Vital Skills And Practices To Live A Great Life.

Implementing "The Structure"

Do it this way:  Implementing "The Structure" Necessary To Create A Great Life

You must know this

The End Product Is Created In A Certain Sequence Of Causes And Effects - And those sequences are available to all of us.

The Causal Chain For Behaviors - From The Primitive "Control" To True Management 

The Causal Chain For Happiness - This Is The Way It Actually Happens, Not That "Other Way"    

Using The Full Chain To Solve Problems - Better Conclusions, Better Solutions, And A Better Life


"The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him... The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself... All progress depends on the unreasonable man."

  George Bernard Shaw

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them."
-- Mrs. Warren's Profession, 1893   

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