Will be added to...scan for now.  Then you would pick the structures you want to put in place as a priority, especailly in the life value productivity area that will free up massive amounts of time!!!!


If you don't implement the structure to "make it happen", a great life and great happiness just won't happen.  Miracles, luck, hope, wishful thinking - none will have you living a great life or even being happy.  In fact, if you believe in those, you will only be temporarily happy about the optimistic thought, but highly ineffective in life - you need to know what reality is or you'll clash with it.  And you'll not like those results!

This page is about the necessary structure (and a few helpful structures) to accomplish great "Life Capability", so that you can, in fact, create the greatest life.

Put it in the schedule and then protect it! 

First, the decision:

   The Life Value Productivity Decision And Pledge - Don't skip this as it is the
      foundation upon which your life will be assured to be built happily.  (Making a
      pledge is part of a system that is necessary to achieving the purpose of the system.
     The commitment effect is greatly underestimated, so people do not as likely

Then, the method, the way:

      How To Find The Time For Life Improvement - There is plenty of time for this
         and everything of value that you want in your life.  This will increase the value
         you will get out of life!
      The Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For An Always Powerful Day!- This is
           NOT optional.  It is essential, mandatory, necessary... 
                  Sufficient Momentum In The Life Improvement Process

You can achieve the greatest life without the structures below, but with the following elements you will shorten the time greatly.

If you are following The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life, you would go back to the path after implementing the above linked items.  For now, you should scan what is below, just to be aware of the type of things you will be doing that will benefit your way of operating in life.

Set up a support structure

Mentor, coach, asking wise people, "master mind group".
   Support Groups/Communities - Increasing Personal Power Through Group Support -
        See the links on this page to Master Mind Groups and to other types of support. 
        See the link related to the checklist for setting up such a group also!
   Courses from the best experts.

Anything organized, locked in, and repeatable

The brain organizes data, relates it to something, and then finds it as needed and coughs up what to feel and do.  The problem is not that it isn't organized, but it is that the primitive brain often gets it wrong!  Not good to repeat!!!!

A well-thought and organized "procedure" (= way to proceed) is a godsend for the effective operation of our lives with the minimum effort.  It is fantastic, incredibly powerful to employ the Law Of Structure.  In a procedure, we have all the steps in the right order that will lead to the right result. 

These "procedures" are:

Habits (a way of doing things learned by repetition and automatically, effortlessly repeated in the same way to reliably get the same result)
Routines (& rituals) - A known, repeatable order of doing things. (See sidebar.)
Schedules - See above sections
Checklists - See Procedures And Checklists For Maximum Productivity.
Procedures - See Procedures And Checklists For Maximum Productivity.
Systems - Often associated with machinery, but they are basically interacting pieces that affect each other in a predictable way - and they are often adjustable to change the end result to more of what we want. 
Standards, rules:  Govern how we do things, pre-thought out, guiding us in our "proceeding" better along the path 

Habits and decided ways of doing things make life easier, as they train the elephant (the primitive mind) to do its thing without you having to use up your brainpower to decide what to do and how to get the elephant to do it.  Yes, it takes some training of the elephant, but then the elephant does it over and over and over, for multiple payoffs!

Without all of these decided and implemented procedures, life will not be nearly as great as it could be!  Fix the procedures, the systems, etc., to operate well and it will rocket you to the moon, without a flaw...

(The ultimate of this might be what would be embodied in The Life Improvement Journal.)

A structure has pieces that fit together in a "building" so that it supports you.  All of the pieces put together into a working whole are part of a system.  A system is something that "systematically" (sequentially, in order) causes a result.

Use the effectiveness of systems to support you. 

Set up "supporting systems" as you cannot do it all yourself.

For instance, if you did not have a supporting system called a grocery store, you would be one busy person trying to get all of your food!

Read and fully understand systems, reading the sequence in System - Contents, Links.

Additional resources

In Success Videos, on the right hand side, there are several routines and rituals that are covered.

Possibly the best vehicle to success:  The Life Improvement Journal

What Are The Components Of The Structure For A Great Life?

Just scan this for now.  You will be led along a path to have you arrive at the completion of these
pieces. (Always, enter the term into the site's search engine to see what it lays out for you.)

Structure = "Something (as an anatomical part) arranged in a definite pattern of organization."  It is used always for a "purpose" (result) to be effectively achieved.

No effective structure = No desired result (except by luck)

The structures

Time management structure
    Launching day structure (key!!!)
Resource management structures -
   Physical/health management structures
   Brain management structure
   Help structures (coaches, friends, etc.)
Results achieving, problem solving structure (the same structure is used for both, as getting the results is the point of it all!!!!! )
Results getting structure
    Plan - What results want, how to get there
    Routines, habits
    Motivation structure (renew, kindle, etc.)
Belief structure (similar idea to "rules" but
    Reality map (map is a kind of structure)

Without these structures in place, you cannot get the best results in life!!!  

All of it fits together into a giant system that produces life happiness.

To set your structures up, use the search engine.

Supporting structures (includes what is called a system) support you in freeing up time, effort, and/or in achieving better results in a less costly manner. 

As you take the time to set them up (or just find them already ready for quick set up), you will find your life is much much better.

You will find that you do not need to do so much to support your own self and your needs.  It is being done for you or facilitated for you so that it is easier (i.e. less effort). 

Your choice: 

Choice I. Set it up to have life be easier and better.

Choice II. Leave life as hard as it is by not changing it.

Of course, to get anything accomplished, one must use 'effort'.  The effort, and time, in setting up a supporting structure has you saving many times that amount of effort in the future - ongoingly, forever, with more and more dividends!  Problems and "ineffectivenesses" will soon begin to evaporate, freeing up huge amounts of time for what you value most.