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Doing this is a time mastery essential!
Below are suggestions on what to put into a standard week.   There are forms you can use and examples to see what a standard week might look like.  Print those out so you can use them in setting up your calendar.
I would recommend putting your standard week into an electronic calendar and just using the repeat feature to have those blocks repeated for each week automatically. 


There are different standard weeks to fit any situation.

Block them in via the links from Weekly Planning - The Time Mastery Essential:

    1.  "Week By Hour Blank" word document, preferably color coding it and
     having it available for reference to plan your week with.
    2.  Example Of Actual Standard Week Template Filled In". 

See for another perspective: The Model Day For High Productivity

Print out and look at the two forms (bolded above) and the Model Day piece.

On this page, in the text below, starting at "Weekdays" are some suggestions on what to include in the time blocks.

As a guide, from which you can vary, of course, you can use the one and a half hour set up as directed under Setting Up The Time Blocks To Live The Greatest Life - The First Things First, To Set Up The Rest!

Implement this for now

Just implement this for now.  We can "perfect" it later and set it up digitally so it is automatically in the background every day.

The product:  Your own standard week, with all the time allocated to what you need and want to do.  

You would, then, insert these into your digital calendar (or in a paper calendar you would use your printed standard week page to create your week's calendar to write on).
Taking less than an hour, you would insert all your standard time blocks perpetually by using a process such as "What Is To Be Done" on the page Setting Up The Time Blocks To Live The Greatest Life!


The best standard in my opinion is to use the "Life Wisdom Standard Week", for those who want to live their very best lives.  To do that, obviously, one must learn how to best live one's life. (Duh! Of course!)  So one has to set that time aside.  For those who want to live a life of wisdom and high happiness, I'd recommend adding in standard time blocks totaling a minimum of 7 hours per week on learning and implementing that which makes life better (including solving problems expeditiously and leaving none around for prolonged periods) - see the discussion in Great Momentum On Improving Life - Reaping Huge Benefits As We Go And Even More As We Hit Our Goals


Weekdays Schedule in regular weekly activities during specific days (and then repeat it via an electronic calendar).

1.  Weekly Planning (Consider reading and doing this on Monday, 1st time block - I actually do mine Saturday morning)
2.  Grounding plus an exercise block (Establish the minutes and content that will work for you)
3.  Plan the day (15 minutes)
4.  1st thing in the day, do a "productivity block", where you focus on learning/implementing wisdom/improvement items. (Time can be from 1/2 hour of reading or whatever to 1 1/2 hours, and you can set it for different amounts of time on different days.  I'd recommend you have a special block on Saturday mornings.
5.  At "Work/Job" - Do 2 focused, high productivity blocks first thing (and protect them vigourously!)
6.  Evening reading block: 1/2+ hour +  

Moveable but necessary

Date night with "partner"
Family time scheduled in


First two to four hours: Learn/implement wisdom/improvement items (also good for bigger projects; longer blocks of time like this are great for having more of a feeling of progress!!!) - This is often the key to moving one's life and progress forward rapidly and effectively!


Completely a rejuvenating/filllingmyselfup day.  (Limit your "activity" as often times activity for a religious organization interrupts the day of rejuvenation.)

Weekend:  Social evening, one is usually enough, but more is fine - the evenings are free.

Themes By Days Of The Week

Use theme days.  See Theme Days - Focus, Intensity, Results, Increased Good Feeling.

Theme days and focus days are a bit different.  The mental health and peace and productivity improved for highly ambitious business/sales people when they had days focused on preparation only (with no "production"), "production only" days, and "free days.


Adequate sleep:  Vital to have a fixed time for going to bed and for getting up (must be fully refreshed every time).  (Add one hour "winddown, no screens time before bed.)

I would highly recommend an afternoon nap (less than 25 minutes or you'll be groggy) for refreshment and for upping productivity and enjoyment and "presence" for the remainder of the day.

Optionals, varying by person

Lunch, activities with friends
Things I find very pleasurable and relaxing (reading a novel, walking in the park...)

Book to read

Read the Kindle Book, High Life Value Productivity.  Link to it from Books.  

The why of a pre-set schedule

A Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day - For An Always Powerful Day!  Not Optional!

Schedule example

The Model Day For High Productivity

Other templates in: Weekly Planning - The Time Mastery Essential

Other plan formats for longer periods

Monthly Planning - Special Planning Once A Month

Quarterly Plan - A Vital Part Of The Power Planning Process



How I Plan My Week - My 5-Step Weekly Planning Process - Free workbook

Free printable weekly planner 


The classic all-time best seller:  The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey.

Also, see the calendar format in the book.