Determine what tasks and goals you want to achieve in each role in your life (see sidebar).  Then number them and stick them, with the number into whatever calendar you are using.  Some of the time blocks in your calendar will already be standardly filled out to fill these roles (see Having A Standard Week).  You can also do this for longer periods of time and in your LifePlan.

              ROLE                        Goals/Tasks for the week    

Mgr of emotional and
  physical well-being           Write about and solve ______ problem

Excellent partner                 Help in this project:  
                                        Do weekly checkin on how the relationship is rated by her

Excellent father                   Take daughter out for an evening to ____

Mgr of Social                       Arrange to go out with the       Friday night

Mgr of Marketing                 Plan out the marketing for the year

Personal financial advisor      Work on the plan for _______ and his family

Mgr of my company             Prepare for and schedule: 
                                              Rate and review the work of ___
                                                 See what I can do to help
                                          Schedule the planning sessions for the yearly plan

Mgr of material well-being     Do the new budget for spending

Standard weekly tasks and activities:

Exercise __ times this week (be sure entered in calendar or moved if conflict)
My morning well-being routine each morning 

Crossrefer to this piece

My Roles And My Objectives - And How I Am Doing - Start here to determine what your roles might be.

See the discussion of roles and goals in our "textbook" for the course: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey.


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Time Management Fundamentals - Scroll down to the roles and goals page.