Links, etc. are in the sidebar below this table.  Discussion is also below this table.   Determine your own roles and subroles, but consider these that I have identified and then rate yourself on how well you are doing in each of these (on a 1 up to 10 basis) AND what level of rating you desire to be at!                                  :                                                                                                  

VALUE                    ROLE                                              END PRODUCT                                                         RATING     
(Relative)                                                                                                                                                       Now    Desired

                  MY KEY ROLE IN MY LIFE
100,000       CEO of my life.                                  Deep, enduring happiness

                 "DEPARTMENTAL ROLES"

100,000       Mgr of My Emotional Well-Being          Deep, enduring happiness daily
                                                                          Excellent philosophy/psychology

10,000        Mgr of My Physical Well-Being           Equipment maintained excellently
                                                                          Energy management for life power

  1,000         Mgr. of My Key Relationship              Contribution to partner's well-being
                                                                         Minimize draining of this source of
                                                                            my feeling good in and about life

   500         Mgr of My Family Relationship            Contribution to their well-being

100,000       Mgr of Life Capability Enhancement     Learning, developing capability to produce
                                                                             my desired results

  10,000      Mgr of Effectiveness in Life                  Effectiveness, attainment of what is of most value

     500       Mgr of Work Effectiveness                   To meet sustenance needs, create financial freedom

     500       Mgr of Material Resources                  Money (spending, investing) managed well to
                                                                            assure security

     100       Mgr of The Rest Of Life                       Enjoying friendships, aspects of life
                                                                         (Strangers, acquaintances, etc. are of
                                                                             very low value relatively)

Cross refer to this piece

Role And Goals Planning _ Fulfilling Your Roles And Balancing Your Life - Determing the tasks that will accomplish the goals should be done at least weekly.

Definition of roles

CEO is a "chief executive officer", who makes sure that all in your own "life organization" or a business or charity organization reaches the key goals of the organization and makes "life profits" or monetary profits in companies or effective contributions to the good of others for a charity.''

Fairy tales people tell themselves

Just Learn Life From Experience...Is That Really A Good Strategy? Can't We Do Better Than That? 

And Then A Miracle Happens...Wanna Bet?!!

"Intuition will guide me to do what I need to do."  Wanna bet?!!  Intuition

Inner wisdom will guide me... Inner Wisdom - Useful But..



Attaining the purpose of your life (deep, enduring happiness) is the end all and be all.  Everything else must lead to that.  (To understand this better read the sequence on "value" in life, starting at
Life Value Productivity.)


Our top role in life is to be the CEO of our lives, responsible for producing deep, enduring happiness. See the definition in the sidebar.

Those people who do not choose to manage their lives will have the choice made for them, by other people and circumstances - and they will not do well (or at least not 1/100th as well as one would do if one took full responsibility for causing one's life!


It is up fo you to determine the relative value to you of each of your roles, but this is the way I see it.

Your end goal is not "to contribute to the world" (that may be a "means goal" but not an end goal, as it can lead to your ultimate end goal or, if not in balance, it can get in the way of meeting the ultimate end goal).

It is not "to look good" or "to be approved of".  While those are "means goals", they are often self destructive and are misleading. 

To get approval from anybody beyond who can affect your life significantly is worth a fraction of a value point, which is, relative to the above value, virtually the equivalent of zero.  Yet, many people often run their lives based on this zero value endeavor, which often will cause them damage and will definitely displace what else we could do that will produce a high value.  (See, and set it up to do this in your life plan, The Highest Value Activities In Life - Havesting The Golden Eggs And Enabling The Golden Goose.)

Achievement (or its symbolic seeking of lots of money), beyond what will produce what one really needs for happiness, is a tunnel one runs down looking for cheese but instead missing out on what is more valuable in life.  People will often engage in "mindless" achievement in order to get approval or praise, including dramatically overdone contributions to society and others such that they harm their most important valued areas (emotional well-being, key relationship well-being).  These people are trading off what is of the highest value for a few pennies of value plus they are also harming themselves such that the tradeoffs are outright foolish!


Although blatantly obvious, if one thinks about it, the only path that works to get a great life must lead through the path of learning and gaining wisdom and effectiveness in life.  How else, except by false hope and dependency, can one expect to obtain the end objective of life. 

With no "means" to get to the "end goals", how can one possibly get there!
Yet people expect this to take care of itself, passively, just in living life. 

The latter of course is preposterous, but so common.  See the sidebar for pieces you should read to establish the falseness of the fairy tales people tell themselves,

So...there is only one path that works: Learning and implementing greater life capabilities.  Read The Only Path To The Greatest Life and Living Life As A Life Champion.


Obviously, to get to your goals in life, one must do planning.  So one should set up a time to begin one's life plan.

But, for now, your next step is to build in your roles and goals into your weekly planning.  Go to Role And Goals Planning _ Fulfilling Your Roles And Balancing Your Life.
After that, implement your role as the CEO of your life by starting down The Only Path To The Greatest Life.