When people do not sufficiently "take care" of themselves, it is due to misbeliefs and misvaluing of what is important.  Busy people, from busy housewives to executives who think they must be tough and not take care of themselved to achievers chasing too much to have time for what is most important and valuable in life.

Self-care is mandatory for a good or great life.  Those who hold it as an "optional" item to be pushed aside by urgencies are selling short themselves and their lives, giving into the devil of urgency and ignorance of what works in life.


Of course, that is "the concept", but then the question is "well, how do I do accomplish sufficient self-care."  The answer to "am I doing enough self care?" is always answered by having an ongoing feeling of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment (alternating between them at times) AND low or no anxiety, stress, and/or suffering.  The "indicator", it seems, is already built into our physical/mind structure!

So, now we must choose the "what" and the "when" and put it into effect.  And for that to be "in effect" we must schedule a time for it to happen (and not just hope for a miracle to leap in so that no focused time is required!!!). 

To do this, I'll set up a "skeleton" of what might be done and then, from that, you can "flesh it out", so to speak, such that it fits you.  People will, indeed, vary on their psychological and philosophical foundations and, as such, will need different amounts of self care.  If you work on your psychological and philosophical foundations you will be doing the highest form of self care, one that is long term with repeated benefits.

The following, please remember, is just a skeleton that may or may not fit you: (Time is "rounded up" minutes, so that "1 min" could mean just 10 seconds or 40 seconds.)

Time                              Self-care item                                                       When

  1       Lie in bed upon awakening, stretching like a cat
  1       Lie in bed and reciting gratitudes and/or intentions for the day
           Enjoy a few minutes of smiling and savoring life/"coffee", sitting outside.
  2       Reading My Daily Grounding Summary Page.
                Include strong statements of intentions and/or Taking A Stand
  2       Selected pieces from Pieces For Getting Centered For The Day.
  1       Making sure I have fulfilled my Checklist For Being Grounded.
           This is what I intend for this day...
  1+     Planning - what shall I do today to take care of myself...
  3        Brief "meditation", just relaxing my mind/body
                (See "Relaxing Body" in Meditation, Relaxation Contents/Links page.) 
  3             Picking one item from the Meditation, Relaxation Contents/Links page.
           Some self enhancement, inspirational, gratitude reading book/thissite.
           Napping/resting when tired or low energy                                                              At the time
           Energizing myself as needed (include standing up every time block)                       Over the day
           Taking breaks                                                                                                 Every time block
           Walking (or "exercising")                                                                                    At least daily
           Walking with a loved one                                                                                Often; schedule!
           Time with a true friend supportive of your happiness
           Anything else that is "nurturing" and gets you in touch with yourself &
               what is of value
           Any highest value activity (you must identify and list ahead of time!)

Other optional items, often brought up by installing reminders on one's computer or phone:

__ My 3-6 words of who I am. ("I am compassionate, caring, strong, self-caring...")
__ My reminder of my highest values.  ("I assure that I have taken care of my emotional and physical well-being!")
__ My statement for the life I will live.  ("I absolutely will live a happy life. I will make it happen!")


"Err" on the generous side, allowing oneself to "saunter", instead of hurrying through, the self-care time. (Hurrying is the opposite of self care.)  Consider setting aside a full half hour, as being valuable to one's well-being and being generous with oneself.

After you've implemented the reference system and scheduling of these, put the list of what you've decided in front of you every day and just follow it, perhaps revising it over time as needed.  (You might find it useful to put this sheet behind a tab in your Reminders Notebook that is labeled "Self-Care List", or something like that.)

Keep a copy in your Reminders Notebook of each of the linked pages or other reference pages that you might wish to use in your self-care time.

The key idea

How You Start The Day Determines Your Day! - Indisputably true almost all of one's days.  One should not leave up to chance or luck or being saved by a random circumstance!!!

Options for grounding

Options For Grounding Oneself In The Morning - Or Any Time - Pick what you'd like, then decide when you'll do them using a reference system such as The Reminders Notebook.

About self care

Self-Care - The Essential Core To A Good Life