Use these exercises to reduce/eliminate fears!  But don't do each one of them perfectly.  Do a super-quick rough draft and insert it into your Reminders Notebook (or file system), spending no more than 1 1/2 hours on any one of them.  You are "done" at an hour and a half, period!  Schedule to come back later to refine them.  Get the core benefit right away! 

The biggest benefit is from having an overall understanding of the falsity of fears and what they are falsely based on.  Each of the pieces for the specific strategies takes some time, so you can't escape that reality.  But each adds some benefit and the total accumulative effect is enormous - well worth the time - and it actually will end up saving time as it stopsmuach waste of time and all the time to counter and deal with fears all the time in life.

Smartest approach:  Use (or modify to fit you better) The Fear Management Program.
Some people may, however, prefer (and find it easier) to pick and choose from the boxes below and begin to reap some benefits right away.

What it takes

You must be a diligent student, seeking an "A" in this subject, as it is a necessary course to pass in order to get an "A" in life - graduate summa cum laude from the university of life!

In process but pretty complete

Use this as both a perspective piece and as a tool.

Use search engine:

Find any of the items in
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For reference

Fear, Contents/Links

To self:  See Fear folder notes for what to do and branch to, etc.


Bigger payoff, easier, but more time

Cure fear.  In doable steps, one at a time. (This is actually "cure faux fear" and relieve symptoms.)
This requires acquiring a foundation for understanding how fear works and how to cure it!
See below.


Fight fear: "Feel the fear and do it anyway."
               "Have courage."

Often glamourized, but much less effective and alot harder, as it deals with fighting fears that we might better just eliminate!


Increase certainty

Do The Certainty Generators
Develop "life competency" (has a pervading
   general effect besides direct effects)
Develop relevant skills, knowledge to "reduce
   chances of failure" (Development process)
    (Books/courses, models, coach, experience)

Increase confidence

My ability to handle situations/life
   Positives Portfolio (abbreviated PP elsewhere  
       Successes listing
       Strengths listing
       Thank yous
       My goodnesses
Things will turn out, or are already safe/OK
   Gratitude, Mountain Of Haves (PP)
        Good Memories list (PP)

Improving one's (and life's) foundation

More definite philosophy of life (a major program)
Write out your stands in life
Set rules, standards

Evaporate faux fears (biggest effect!)
Understand what is an illegitimate fear.  (If you don't
   eliminate it, at least "right size it".)
False "Survival threats" to evaporate
  Good enough, not ok
  Identify (actual) effect of other people's opinions
  Life won't 'turn out ok' (or be "good enough")
       Enjoyments and healthy pleasures list (PP)
       See Positives Portfolio to dos.
  (Notice: Nothing Actually Happened!)

Fear effect reducers (also reduce fear itself)

Exercise (immediate and/or long term)
Physiological psychology methods
  (Includes relaxation effect)
Intervention right away - Stop! 
   Available: Installed or easily referenceable                    Empowering mantras
       Empowering conversations
       Engaging the higher brain
            EffectiveThinking - Facts, logic, decide

Direct reducers of fear 

Prepare (increase chances of success)

Managing and changing fear beliefs

Fear Journal, followed by addressing the fears
   Use of ABCD analysis on key false beliefs
Study life-successful people
   (Success In Life - Contents)

Stop the fear increasers, perpetuators

Stop these "practices" (as they are destablizing
   and anxiety and fear causers)
   Engaging in any "Negative Conversation"
   Excuses, reasons why not
   Procrastinating (takes some extra efforts)
   Perfectionism - Use 80% approach rule (at least
      ask the question!; also rel to procrastination))
   Needing others' approval, valuing other people's
      opinions of you
  Tolerating negatives, problems, certain  people
      (i.e. raise your standards!)
      Taking A Stand For Your Life
  Exaggerating threats (it helps to learn how
       to think - seriously, I mean it!)
       Drama making and/or trauma making
  Rushing and hurrying (arrive at least 10 inutes
       early for appointments...)
  Inadequate sleep, being tired, irregular bed times

Circle (and number the order of them, if you wish) the ones you want to read.  And then use this as a checklist, checking off the completion of each as you finish it (the "first draft").