Though similar to past ones, this is a bit more refined to work a little better for me.  I had to look at the pitfalls and correct for them.


Email - Glance quickly through emails only for immediate must dos.  No, nunca, never go through emails early in the morning. 
Alternate exercise for busy days:  5 minute warm up, 3 high intensity intervals in 8 minutes

6-7 Wake Up, Exercise, Center (5 would be better)
6 - Wake up (wake when my body tells me it’s rested),express appreciation for this day, stretch like a cat, lie there thinking (write notes on bedside notebook)
6:05 - Arise, bathroom, at least 2 glasses of water, flip quickly through email for urgent while noting on a list which are to be done today, flip through Reminders Notebook for key "statements", notes on what I want for the day, or thoughts; set timer
6:20 Exercise  (burns up fat instead of food, increases metabolism and mood for the day) (Have a machine at home to make it easier!) (flexible 8-40 minutes )

7-7:30 Eat, plan
7;00 Eat good sized breakfast (No sugar, no white products, high protein and low glycemic nutrient rich carbs for smooth blood sugar);  brush/floss/scrapetongue or at least force water rapidly between teeth
7:15 Plan day, miscellaneous

7:30-12 High impact time blocks (10 min. breaks included)
7:30 Time block 1 - A+ activities
9:00 Time block 2 - High importance
10:30 Time block 3 - High importance

12-12:30 Eat, personal

12:30 - 3 - Productivity time blocks
12:30 Time block

2:00 - 2:30 Rejuvenation break (Possible full block super-nap, 90 minutes
2:00 Nap (adjustable to earlier; should match afternoon lull)

2:30 High flexibility time blocks
2:30 Flex time block A
4:00 Flex time block B

5:30 Personal value time blocks (Vary in minutes, but almost always limited to 90 minutes, except for up to 3 hour social time blocks and entertainment blocks, such as movies, for about 2.5 hours. No eating after 7).

8:00 Winddown time (lower blue light - see Body's Rhythms; stop any "work".)

10:00 Bed time (best time for circadian rhythm and most value from sleep and related repair through melatonin)

Necessary insertions

Usually in Flex block B:  Email, organize, finish up notes and loose ends) - Note that a quick viewing of emails is done early in the day and during breaks, but the follow ups are, unless urgent, to be grouped for later. 

Optional insertions

Personal email, watch interesting videos noted down earlier in the day or included in an email or a site of interest.
Reading enjoyable books of any type; audible books can be listened to right before sleep...
Extra exercise (not too intense or long) to "pep" oneself up, although little exercise sessions are performed during each break. 

This day will produce many times the value of most people's days!

The Model Day For High Productivity

How You Start Your Day Determines Your Day! 

Living My Life In 90 Minute Segments - And Dramatically Improving My Life  

The Time Blocking Technique 

Experimenting to get 2 days from one

The Power Of Napping - One Of The Most Beneficial Life Practices - Yes, even for the young adult!  (I'm playing with the JFK approach)
The flexible time blocks at the end of the day.

1.  Must assure you are rested and energetic enough to not veg away the time in fruitless  nothingness.

2.  This is personal time to use for:

Focused relationship time (relaxed and flexible, but...)

Learning (career, life, hobby related)

Entertainment and enjoyable "diversions"  (but anything overdone, esp. as a mindless distraction of little stimulation or pleasure, might well be discarded)