In reading this piece, it can get confusing if you follow every arrow in the diagrams, so it is important to just focus on the overall understanding.  Step back and get the overview, then, later, you will follow the steps recommended.



Learn Life  →   Life Capability   →    Act  →   Desired Results

First you "learn life", about how it works and how to work it.  This has you be able to develop "life capability", which then has your actions be more effective and smarter - and then you'll get the results that you want in your life! 

This is a "Duh!", as it is quite obvious and a pretty simple concept.

Non-Growth And Living The Lesser Life
Learning little →   (Gap)       →         Less           →     Undesired results     
                                                life capability            Less desired results

It is obvious that one cannot live a great life without the knowledge to be able to do that.  No accomplishment can be made without learning the necessary skills, but somehow people do not apply that to life.  And they expect that somehow, maybe, life might work out, by luck, favorable circumstances randomly popping up, other people providing what's needed, getting approval from others, etc. and etc.

That is, of course, not a "winning formula"!!!!
With Life Capability, we can harvest life effectively for high life value.

Without it, life is hard, doesn't feel so good, and doesn't turn out that well!

Correction (feedback, adjust cycle)

To follow the diagram sequence, start at "start here" (in bold, in the middle) and then follow the arrows.

                                            Use the                                       End here
    Learn as needed    →      correct "process"     →   Act →    Desired Results


               ↑   Start here w/insufficient knowing  →  Act  →    Undesired Results

               ↑                                                                                  ↓

                    ←                 ←                 ←               ←            ←


The choice:  Leave the "undesired results process" uncorrected

  Symptoms:     Problems remain, life is hard, feels rough  

Obviously, if you never correct the process that has you creating undesired results, you'll never get the desired results. (Duh!)

Another poor choice:  Start... but stop short

If you want to go to New York, but get tired or too busy and stop in Nebraska, you will not have arrived in New York.  But people, because of lack of clarity and criteria, do not complete their trip through and on past achieving a level of adequacy of handling life to actually become quite capable of handling and creating a great high level of living life!!!

They often start, but then thoughts like these occur:

    Well, I feel a little better. (So I think I'll stop, I've kinda solved the worst of it...)
    Well, it's not so bad. (I'll just stop at "not so bad".  Is that nuts or is it nuts?)
    The project and the need fade into the background of life...
    They get distracted...
    I am too busy... (too busy for what is most important in life.  Are you kidding
    Maybe later... (the Groundhog Day approach, and they just get older...but never
        better, repeating the same old day, the same mediocre or lesser life than they
         could live)

So they "discontinue".  
   They "stop short."  (and then live in the Nebraska of life...)

Symptoms: They continue to live with these symptoms:

   Problems remain, life is hard, life feels rough  


   Simply get less out of life!

Solution:  Stop stopping short!    (Duh!)

In other words, keep going until you get to "sufficiency" - to being able (have the capability) to get the results that are wanted in life and to eliminate the undesired results (problems, "feeling bad", etc.).

All we need to do is look at a person's life and we will know which road he/she is choosing to stay on.  (Not The Path To The Greatest Life.)


Obviously "growth" (by learning) as quickly and effectively as possible is the best choice - by a huge margin.   Proactively engaging in this leads to a great life very rapidly. 

But even if we learn proactively and quickly, inevitably there will be some things where we have insufficient knowing. The sign of that is, of course:  undesired results. 

Then, we either correct the process or we don't. 

If we, don't, we keep getting undesired results. Some people leave it at that and have a far lesser life than they could easily have.

Some people start, usually with enthusiasm or at least strong pain motivation, then they dissipate into stopping short, losing interest, getting too busy, etc. and etc.  The result is the same lack of correction (but perhaps not quite as bad because they might have learned something in the previous spurt of learning...). 

People become numbed, "dulled" to their pain, as it remains but goes into the background (living the life of a Gradually Boiling Frog, or at least living in The Drift such that their lives are a succession of Groundhog Days).  But they still cannot escape the background noise that lowers the level of experience of life.  They leave false, harming beliefs in place and go into apathy of sorts (perhaps, erroneously, thinking they cannot "solve" the problem(s) - which is actually not true!). Please know that any problem you have is solvable, as it has been solved by many other people!

(Read and be sure to know that the past does not determine the future.  I repeat "the past does not determine the future!"  Read The Past And Now.)


These are the tragedies of life, where people end up going with "the drift" rather than proactively asserting themselves - and they get to live Groundhog Day over and over. 

Maybe their lives "aren't so bad", but they are fooling themselves or at least shortchanging themselves because they are letting the problems and the not-feel-goods continue.   (Some fall into apathy to different degrees, waiting for outside stimulation from circumstances or others acting upon them.  They drift into living life as a gradually boiling frog, "dying" (lifewise) even while alive.  Many become PokeyMan - an ultimately tragic way of living, though they think life is kinda ok, except when they occassionally wake from their stupor and look at their lives. 

Where are you on the spectrum?  Somewhere in the middle or more towards either end?  Is that good enough for you?

If a person does do something to significantly intervene in the path of his/her life, then he/she will have a Very Predictable Path - And Predictable Life Results.


The cure is obvious: to take the higher routes.  If we cure the "insufficient knowing", we will not experience the ongoing undesired results!  (Duh!)

For those who are aware of the need to learn but are short of success, many of them must stop being Life Dilettantes.   They must stop fooling themselves! 

But the percentage who mostly stick to an adequate path of adequate learning is rather low. 

The ones who take the higher routes will, guaranteed, live high level lives, with virtually no anxiety or fear and lots of satisfaction and happiness in life


It is vital that you completely understand this, so that you can choose intelligently and knowledgeably - and realize what is at stake and why this is important.  This IS your life that is at stake here.  Don't blow away the level you could live life at!

This is the most important decision you can make.  It is essential for a good life that you choose "doing the work", rather than ending up on lesser roads.  Make, now, The One Decision That Determines All Of Life - and take The Pledge (print this or your revision of this, then sign it, and put it in your notebook - your plan notebook or your Reminders Notebook.

So, you would, for sure read the reading sequence in the sidebar (and don't stop short, please!!!). 

Do that, then let me know what you decide and declare. 

The Only Path To The Greatest Life, Using "The Process" - Lays out the pieces to read, including some below.

Make The One Decision That Determines All Of Life.

Live by the Growth Mindset.  Commit to the Life Wisdom Mindset to follow the path to develop Life Capability, The Single Most Valuable Capability of All.

Choose to keep up your Momentum In Improving Life and they would make The Life Value Productivity Decision And Pledge, As An Essential Step To Living One's Greatest Life

Correct the process via feedback and adjustment to Live Life As A Life Champion  

The life champion will be proactive about achieving maximum Life Value Productivity, committing to Quadrant II living and not filling up life with "pretty good" (or ...).

If you have doubts about the path or your capability read this and the related links to answer your questions:

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