We push aside what is of the highest value to create a great life.  We, instead, do that which is most pressing, often satisfying a momentary impulse and/or an unexamined (and false) belief.  We "must" remember that "the II's" have value in that they lead to being able to produce value ultimately in one of the other quadrants and to produce it more quickly and well. (For grounding, see The Four Quadrants; this is based on Covey's book.)

High value actions ("achievement") are not the point of it all.  Happiness and emotional well-being is the point of it all!  Click this link for a discussion of the 5 quadrants in action   This will dramatically upgrade your life!!!

The key is always the "CEO executive function" that runs life effectively.  To do that well, one must quickly gather the wisdom necessary to be able to exercise executive function.  (Failures in life itself are always from overvaluing "production" and/or undervaluing life and being human.)  Scan the boxes below, then use the implementation checklist at least weekly, in your mandatory weekly planning.

                                                                        ↕                               ↕



Below this, I have specified some implementation strategies.  However, I've added a separate page to explain in regulary prose (instead of summary detail format, like below):   The 5 Quadrants Of Quadrant II In Action.


Actually, set up a copy of this checklist for you to check off in your weekly planning. (Alternatively, you could rate these on a 1-10 scale, with 10 as the highest, relative to how far along you are on these, and then prioritize them in an order to work on them.

__ Have I assured that I will have optimal sleep hours, with established times that are, except for
    rare emergencies, always honored?
__ Have I sufficiently assured that I will have enough physical exercise and nutrition that I will be
    operating at a consistent, well-functioning energy level?
__ Have I sufficiently assured that I am always in the Homeostatic Power Zone? (Essential for a good
__ Have I sufficiently assured that I have set aside enough time for "life learning" as THE most valuable
    use of my time, for it creates multiple, repeating benefits over my life?
__ Have I sufficiently assured that I am investing in my high value relationships?  (And assured that I am
    not letting low value relationships interfere with high value time?)
__ Have I assured that I have scheduled and have committed enough time (see below) to solve any
    problems (obtacles, emotional difficulties, things that are not going as I wish)?
__ Have I assured that I have enough rejuvenation (downtime, mental settling time) time to live a non-
    stress, heallthy functioning pace in life?
__ Am I being highly effective in my life in attaining what is of the highest value in life?

__ Have I scheduled all of the above with an assigned time block?

__ Am I doing this sufficiently, compared to these standards of life successful people:
    __ Leaving no problems unsolved or poor practices in place.  (Living Life As A Life Champion)
    __ Excellent health
    __ Always knowing where you are going - Designing and implementing a Life Plan and leaving no
         day unplanned.
    __ Excellent emotional management!  (Including Fearlessness)
    __ Living in unconditional, enduring happiness

Per week:

This is what your time allocation might look like, besides your leisure hours you select:

__ 2-4 hrs - Planning, directing your time and energy to the highest value (this is a Keystone Of Life)
__ 5-7 hrs - Life Learning (life capability skill enhancement, reflection on life)
__ 5 hrs - Physical care
__ 3 hrs - Psych self care (Understand Self-Care - The Essential Core To A Good Life.)
__ Full night's rest
__ Full relationship care (check with your intimate to see that he/she rates the relationship at least an 8)

Where are you relative to these quadrants?

What % of your life are you in these quadrants of life? (See the diagram to see what is in those quadrants, opening this in a separate window so that you can see both pages.

___ I:     The Harried - Low control/low results, stressed, pressured
___ III.  The Treadmiller - Low value actions (unimportant but "urgent")
___ IV.  The Distracted - Actions that are not of import and not really urgent
___ II.   The Life Powerful - Building life power, harvesting life fully

Where are you on the spectrum?

Mark where you are on this spectrum - and where you want to be and then where you will probably be (what is the distance between the latter two?  If you engage in the processes in QII, you will find that gap decreasing, to zero). 
              |                            |                            |                            |                            |
         Weak                                                                                                         Powerful
    Procrastinator                                                                                                 Confident
        Anxiety                                                                                                   Emotionally strong
     Fear, doubt                                                                                                     Fulfilled


In my own personal journey, I made the mistake of thinking there was value in "relief", goofing off (to relax), distractions (to rest my mind).  But those were unthinking nonsense, unexamined as to its validity.

In Quadrant II, the benefits are obtained much more directly and effectively, without any bad side effects or losing alot of time to "nothingness" or things of low value (Quadrants III and IV).  As I dropped the latter and installed QII in their place, my productivity in life skyrocketed at least "10X" - and it was more satisfying while actually being easier and less effortful!


Obviously we do not want to make the costly mistake of looking at this and not actually harvesting it.  We don't want to have another "oh, that is a good idea, and now I'll go on to another good idea or shiny object".  That would be doing the opposite of what is life powerful.  Power, most certainly, is the ability to create desired results in your life - and anyone who stops short on doing all the steps to go to full harvesting is not living powerfully - and they are wasting life, pushing aside that which could be used more powerfully.

For now, until the book is written (perhaps called "Becoming Life Powerful, The Smart Way"), you would follow the trail from The Quickest Life Improvers - The Biggest Payoff For Less Than A Day Of Your Time, in which you will establish the necessary "set schedule" that will build in the "per week" hours of those who are becoming (and being) powerful.  Do that page, then just link to those pieces in the sidebar and follow the trail.  (As you complete The Build, you will find yourself enjoying powerfully serving other people and living as a self actualized person.)

Note that the items listed in the quadrants can be used in the site search engine to go to relevant pieces for greater understanding and clarity.  I have linked some of them for you, so you might start on those.  You will be going through a process that massively frees up your time from the lower quadrants and the stress quadrant and using that time to live the great life of those who choose to live in the Life Powerful Quadrant II.

You would go through this as if it were a book, where you had to press a link to go to the next chapter, but where you were flexible enough to do it in the order you think best for you. 

Low: Control/Productivity
Stressed, Pressured

(Important, urgent)

Time Spent In:

Putting out fires
Pressing problems
Deadline driven

Results:  Stress, burnout, anxiety, self-perpetuating downward spiral, suffering
Maximum Effectiveness/Power
(Important, not urgent)

Devising (designing, fixing systems;  
  strategizing, strategies)
Effective learning
Preparation days
"Higher thinking", decisionmaking
Increasing productivity capability
Problem solving

Results in:  High productivity and effectiveness, balance, discipline, control, few stresses, no problems
(Not of import, not urgent)

Time Spent In:

Time wasters
"Pleasant" activities
Scattered miscellaneous
"Relief" activities

Results in:  Being very unproductive, total irresponsibility, dependency on others, empty feelings, poor emotional health, poor physical health

This is a modification coming from the classic from Rob Rutherford (& then Covey):

The Four Quadrant - Where Time Is Spent And The Results (Or Symptoms) Are Caused - Read this, get the idea and then be sure you know all the information and perspective in the links, so that you have a higher level workability and understanding level. Take the test to see where you are in life.

The purpose of all of this is...

We're doing this not for business, but for producing the maximum number of "life value" units in your life (= happiness).
See the idea in Life Value Productivity - Producing The Maximum Life In Your Life.  Link to the book, at a cost of almost nothing ($0.99).

The schedule of a high life value producer

He/she has blocked out, scheduled times

5-7 hrs - Life Learning (life skill enhancement)
5 hrs - Physical care
3 hrs - Psych self care
Full night's rest
Full relationship care

Because of life learning, the highest happiness person does not need more psych self care.  He/she has learned life and solved how to be without problems and to be happy most of the day.  But, until that level is achieved, it is important to allow for more self care - sufficient enough to assure a happy day.

Rejuvenation, Energizing

Free days 
   ("Rejuvenation day")

"Downtime" for repair, relaxation

"Life" days

Emotional And  Physical well-being

Emotional self-care

Happiness practices (gratitude, centering, psych care, living highest values)
Self powerfulness/worth

Rest, recovery
Naps, breaks, sleep...

High Value Actions
(Paced, In Control)

Only high impact actions and doing "the Musts" in life.


Effective screener/chooser: Does not compromise for low value items

Productivity days

Always high energy, at peace

Low Value Actions
(Unimportant, "Urgent")

Time Spent In:

Putting out fires
Seeking "approval"
Unschedule phone calls Pressing matters

Results: Short term focus, crisis management, shallow/broken relationships, damaged reputation, weakness 

"$" Value

- If you were to "bill" the value in dollars, these are the rates per hour (in a comparative analogy)

Get from "Hours Keeper" app in iPad.  

Life Power/Capability

Learning life - How things work, how to work them, being able to create the life one wants.  One who does this lives life in wisdom.

Investing in high value relationships!

Building capability, power,  


The highest value use of time, far beyond any other quadrant, for it facilitates all of the power quadrants!!!