We aspire and create magnificiently in the metaphysical world of the mind and of intentions, but when we get to "the border" with the real world, we often "metafizzle".  (See the story belowe.)


I just finished a week of training in coaching and met some wonderful, exceptionally sharp, really caring people who want to change their lives forever, and be able to contribute value to the world and also earn enough money to be prosperous at the same time.  And I've recently attended a few other "workshops" where people are aspiring to greater things and a better life. 


Lots of hopes and enthusiasm. 


And, then, almost always, reality descends upon them.

A little bit like Maria Nemeth used to describe in her great workshops, paraphrased:   In the mind, in the 'metaphysical world', we flow freely and instantly, with no restraint, with lots of ideas and lots imagined results.  And then we head to the border and experience "trouble at the border" between the metaphysical world and the physical world of reality ...and we "metafizzle"!  

It seems that in the real world, we run into "mass":  realities, obstacles, and time and effort being required.

"What?!!!", we say, "it all seemed so easy and wonderful in my mind!!!!!!"

Well, sorry about that, but reality is reality.  And it seems that it might be useful for us to know that ahead of time.  (Read and thoroughly understand and "get" this:  What Is Reality?)


If we are going to launch a spaceship into the stratosphere of our dreams, we must go through each of the steps with no miracles (no matter how much we actually want to believe in magic).  (Read And Then A Miracle Happens...Wanna Bet?  and 1 2 3 4 = Success - Anything Else Does Not.) 

I'm all for the positive, but I have seen that we can create more "net" positive from operating within reality.  It seems, as Byron Katie says, that "when we clash with reality, reality always wins". 


The reality of going into a new business or attaining any new skill is always done on a learning curve and in stages.  (See the latter link for the seven stages of a business.) The stages go from intense inquiry and curiosity, to beginning learning and being clueless, graduating eventually to incompetence, then "not so bad", then (if we haven't quit by now) into some minimal competence...onward to beginning success and tweaking the machine to be even better.  But the "curve" is very slow to rise at first - and that can be frustrating, and extremely demoralizing if one has unrealistic expectations.

At first you "lose", in a sense, as you are spending alot of money and effort with little results.  So you've got to have some money set aside to cover you during that period or you'll go down in flames.  During this period you've got to make sure you do your best to fill up your emotional tank and to keep yourself in great energy and shape so that you can be more productive (and avoid being tired and stupid!). 

If you are going to be an "entrepreneur" or in sales at all, it would be wise to read at least (for a start) 3 good books on running a business, including Darren Hardy's (the owner of Success Magazine) The Entrepreunerial Roller Coaster.  And read, at least, Business Overview Page - What Are The Considerations And What Do I Do To Be Successful?, including the pieces in the sidebar and scan Business Contents, Links, picking off the best resources.


You also need to, although this should be done for life, operate in a "high performance" mode and in a super-high productivity mode (with lots of rest and rejuvenation even if you think you can get away without it).  You've got to create super-selectivity about what you do, keep a very clear, supercommitted schedule, and use every productivity tool and way of being possible, while giving yourself lots of "free days", especially rejuvenation days.  You should also read religiously the concepts of The Strategic Coach, one of the most effective coaching operations for highly successful entrepreneurs and/or sales people. 

You also need to do "deep, effective learning" until you have mastered what must be mastered, perhaps even dedicated yourself full-time for a few days to mastering an essential tool or concept.  Your rule must be "completion" of what you start - and as rapidly as possible.

You must be a "champion", not a superman or superwoman, but a "life champion", and, though working hard, be living life as a life champion.  You might even have an intense period of "noticing" and then "implementing" the best of what you see, perhaps using The Life Improvement Journal.


May you prosper greatly AND live a great life!


Why did I write this piece?

Hopefully, it will be helpful to any of you. 

But I am especially concerned about the potential suffering and ultimate failure that could occur quite easily with 50% of more of you.  These we very good trainings but those are but a small bit of being successful. 

I want people to not stop short of succeeding, which any one of us can do, using the steps of the successful people who preceded us, including the techniques, the help and guidance of the experts, and what was learned by them. 

Please be clear about what it takes - and please persist smartly through all that is required until you come successfully out the other end!!!! 

And, no, there is no follow-on pitch...

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If you wish to support such a cause, pass the word around and/or use it in your practices.  (See Permissions And Usage Of This Website.)

I do hope you will take The Life Value Productivity Pledge and commit to living that life that is like no other.


For heaven's sake, use these types of models.

It is easier to copy and not reinvent, so we need to find which models or examples will serve our ambitions.  Most often those are people who live who manage life so well that they live examplary life, which normally would have to includer their being highly productive in life, but in terms of "life value", not just in making money or any achieving mode. 

Read How To Utilize Models To Speed Up The Creation Of The Life You Love.

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