Your choice:  __ A little better off
                        __ A lot better off
                        __ High mastery

You can read this two ways:

1.  Read the individual pieces straight through for overall understanding and then go back to the pieces to link into other one's for deeper learning, as you determine.
2.  Or as you read each piece, use the links in each piece to get deeper understanding
In either case, you are not finished until you have sufficient understanding.
3.  Always read the "What To Do Next" sections and follow them!  Schedule the implementation as well as reading sessions, as suggested in Directed, Effective Learning To Create The Life You Love.

Warning(!):  This is a different process of learning than you are used to, so you should first read "the instructions" at Branched Learning - Don't Climb Out On The Limbs Until Later.

There is a logical "building" sequence, but these can also be done "not in order".  However, you should return to this sequence page so as not to leave a learning gap in the sequence, as that will be a drag all of one's life.

This course will give you the necessary pieces for putting all of life overall together and then we will go into special programs for finishing off certain areas, such as the vital self view, beliefs, and fears that determine one's quality of life. Study it as you would study to get the best grade in the most important class in your life!

In order to assure more of a sense of progress, you will be doing some implementation steps as you are learning.  Be assured that the time spent on this will not take away from your time for life at all, though that may be hard to believe until you see it actually happen in your life. (See Time For Life Improvement.)
Notice, again, that each piece below has a "substructure" of articles that support it, so you would read those to finish off the full understanding until you "buy into it" fully for your life.
This will take quite a bit of time and effort - but the worth is priceless! 


Why Is This Course In This Order And Why Should I Learn It?



   Life Is Easy...If You Follow These Core Basics! 
   The Person Living Life As It Should Be Lived - An Attainable Model For Us All - Just scan for now.
   The Gap Principle - The most important in all of life.
   The Only Path To The Greatest Life - Heed this!

A QUICK PRIMER IN KEY LIFE FACTORS (We'll return later, but these should be known now.)

   What Is Reality? - Know What It Is Or Suffer From Irreality  Read the series.
         Your (Bio)Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - Read the "essentials sequence in the sidebar.
         The Elephant In The Room Of Human Life - Who Is In Charge? - The secret to your behavior.
   One's "Background Conversation" - The highest value item of them all.
   Understanding The Nature Of Social Status - For Some, Another "Enough" Problem, A Fear  


   Life Value Productivity (for complete strategies and discussion:  link to my book from Books.
        Momentum For Improving Life - The key essential piece for making it all work!  And what one use of
             time has the highest impact on your life.
             What You Say You Want And What You Will Do To Avoid It
        Establish The Whys - Deeply emotionally be clear about this!
   The One Decision That Determines All Of Life
   "The Process" - The process for creating the greatest life.
   How To Find The Time For Life Improvement - There's Lots Of Time And You'll Get More Spare Time  
   Identifying the why and the key goals of what you want to get out of life - Be clear
       Your Why - Or No Game
            Or Groundhog Day - A really bad choice, but one made by many...
   The "Why" Of The Wisdom Mindset - Getting better versus "doing"
   Highest Value Activities In Life
       The Background Conversation - The biggest determiner of happiness...
       The Two Biggest Payoffs In Life - What should I invest in first and foremost in life?
       The Four Quadrants (esp. Quadrant II)
   Living Life As A Life Champion - This is the end objective.
   The Biggest Life Improvers (linking to some more quick results items)
       The Pre-Set Super-Committed Schedule - This is the core to operating well in life - in any area
   Mastery Learning
   Directed, Effective Learning To Create The Life You Love 
   Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset
   The Life Wisdom Mindset - It's all about "life capability".
   Repeating problems (Quadrants; boiling frog; Completion)
   Can I do it?  

HOW "THE MACHINE" (AND LIFE WORKS - and how to work it (Can't get far without this!!!!!)
   Understand the basics, then apply them more and more specifically, below.

        What Is Reality? - Know well, so that you can correct false beliefs (later) and increase effectiveness.
            Read the basic overall grounding pieces in Reality.
            The Elementary "Physics Of Life" - To Be Life-Successful...
    The Biomechanical Brain/Body  
    Being "In The Zone" - The homeostasis process of the body AND the mind. A super-principle.


    Establishing A Firm Foundation For Your Life - The "Secret" To Achieving Deep, Enduring Happiness -
       This is, in a sense, the foundation for it all - to be achieved and added to as we go along.  Considering
        setting up the notebook suggested, so that you can build it more as we go.
    Doing "The Build" - Guaranteed, not dependent on circumstances or miracles...the difference between
        where we start in capabilities and where we will be at our highest capability and happiness.
    Dependence, Independence And Interdependence - What Works And What Doesn't  
    Setting Up The Structure For A Great Life 

PART II.  IMPLEMENTING THE BIG PIECES - Includes many immediate benefits.


   The Background Conversation - As the core for happiness
   The Road To Happiness For Life - Intelligent, Unconditional Happiness
   The Essentials For Creating Happiness - Without These You Can't Be Lastingly Happy
   Checklist For A Happy Life 
   The Unhappiness Gap -
        Misinterpret "needs", misinterpret signals (as commands, see below, and "indicators")
        Create unrealistic expectations
        "Enough" - Setting yourself up so you never can reach it...
        Unrealistic about ourselves, relatively.  Unless you correct this, you can never be happy.

DELETE THE NEGATIVE - A huge impact (see separate "fears", below)

    Living The Punitive Way - The Road To Hell
    No self criticism
          No blame, no fault, no criticism
          Not yet knowing
     Not "liking" oneself, disapproval - Huge cause of unhappiness!  (See Loving Oneself.)

ADD THE POSITIVE - Adding the pieces that make life great!

    Sufficient certainty (and link to The Certainty Generators)
    The Positives Portfolio 
    Self-compassion (and compassion for others)
    Learning life wisdom - To reap the rest

SOLVE THE PROBLEMS! (getting rid of the ongoing problems and creating what you want in life)
     Complete, rapid problem solving is a big part of Living Life As A Life Champion  The following sections are
     problem solving, barrier removing facilitators!


   Emotion Mastery - Beliefs cause emotions, emotions are "mechanical"... Scan for now.  Return later.
       The Story Of Our Happy And Our Unhappy Chemicals
   The Believing Brain - How we develop beliefs and then falsely think they are true.     
   Dealing With And Changing One's Beliefs 
   Eliminating all the faux fears - Eliminating 99% of all fears and anxieties/stress
        Why I Am Virtually Always OK - The Reality - Right Now.
   Better ways of coping with emotions
   Curing the cause in the first place - Going all the way to the source and forever dumping the symptoms!
   The master beliefs/mantra/power-statements list 
BEHAVIORS - Managing them
   Using habits effectively, changing habits, using them as tools
   Emotions are not commands - An Emotion Is Just An Emotion
        A Limited Quiver Of Tactics For Emotions - Anger, other learned tools, as a practice, used incorrectly


    Supporting systems - Tweaking these for the least effort and greatest effectiveness
    The schedule system - And The Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day.
    Having a "life reference system" for
        Immediate resolution (emotions, problems, moods, energy)
        Reminding and elevating self and/or life - the Reminders Notebook
       The other "life notebooks"

You will be substantially better off if you've read and done the above.  You will have changed alot about how you operate in life and many of your non-true beliefs will have disappeared and/or altered significantly to your benefit.  Then you can choose to continue or not, at your discretion.


These are the areas for building the next level from.  You've probably, at this point, forayed into some of these in your readings above, by using selected links in those pieces in order to go to deeper/broader understanding.

The following areas are mastered at a "sufficient" level first and then, from there, a person can continue on upward in learning more and more to develop more and more wisdom to be able to get more and more out of life and to reach the highest level off happiness and satisfaction with life.  But first we must get to the "sufficient" levels - then you can choose how much further to go, based on your greater understanding and wisdom after this process.

These are listed in this order for a reason.  We must first free up our time to be able to do "the work", then assure the physical energy and feeling good.  Then we will be in our best operating mode to finish off the key beliefs that cause us negative feelings.  At that point, we will maximize all of this by going one level up from basic life value productivity into maximizing that which maximizes our happiness and satisfaction in life.

This "next level" is actually in the process of being refined (easier to follow and more readable), so let me know if you've finished the reading from above, so that I can attack and finish up any missings/refinements in the segments below.  The first section below is already sufficiently refined for great strides forward, but will be refined in its writing and presentation - it links into several 100 pages of further depth when you are ready.

LEARNING LIFE VALUE PRODUCTIVITY AS A KEY BASE FOR LIFE SUCCESS - Going to the next level, into a great life. For now, read my  Life Value Productivity book, linked from Books. Frees up massive amounts of time and reallocates it to what is massively more valuable in life.

INSTALLING WHAT IT TAKES FOR GREAT PHYSICAL HEALTH, ENERGY, AND FEELING GOOD - This includes physical rejuvenation and doing physical things that "mechanically" change how one feels, one's moods, one's happiness, and one's ability to think (remarkably so, much more than you'd think).  It concentrates on the 20% that produces 90+% of the benefits, while being the most time efficient.  For now, see The Super-Simple Basics Of Your Body and then proceed upon the reading list of the written pieces.

ESTABLISHING A MAGNIFICENT LIFE PHILOSOPHY AND CONVERTING TO WORKABLE BELIEFS - For now use My Philosophy Of Life Book develop a sound base.  From there the idea is to finish off the key beliefs that unnecessarily cause fear, anxiety, and emotional pain.  For now, we will use The Sequential Program For Upgrading Your Beliefs.

MAXIMIZING HAPPINESS IN LIFE - Even at this point, a number of your beliefs will be further upgraded.  Certain habits and behaviors are identified and very "installable", as they must all be very doable, with no artificial, mysterious leaps.  And, of course, we'll nail down what actually has the greatest effect on happiness.  For now, though you will have read by now some core pieces that must be learned, go to  The Life Book: Implementing High Happiness (Plus Life Effectiveness).

The paths

The Paths To Where You Want To Go - From the "master" path to the individual paths to get to where you want to be in life.

The key path

This includes the base course on this page and adds some perspective items:  The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life.

Other learning and implementation devices

Reading sequences:

My Philosophy Of Life - The Book (mine)

The Life Book: Implementing High Happiness (Plus Life Effectiveness) - Links to a sequence of pieces.


Checklists For Running The Pieces Of Life - Use these to know what to do and/or to not overlook something.


The Best Books Lists - Read these first, on the subjects of highest interest or urgency.