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Daniel:  Age 70
Spouse:  Jean
Religion:  7th Day Adventist, devout
Nickname on this site:  The Man-Angel

This is to be used by a reader as a "case study", where you can see what someone is doing and ask if you are doing the same thing.  And then you'd link to the solution/reading pieces that are relevant for you.

Introductory Overview Page - The Man-Angel [My summary overview for this site.) 

My Values Compared To My Actions And Results - Daniel  

To The Overworked Contributor - What Would God Want For You? - He is in dire straights, yet he stays on this harmful path.

Productivity Analysis - Daniel - Producing from fear, etc., with poorly differentiated estimates of true value, lots of problems left unsolved, and lots of bad results where it counts. He has difficulty utilizing The Reality Of Trade-Offs And The Concept Of The "Net Result".

Note What Actually Happens And Then Adjust Your Strategy To That Directly - Uses Daniel as the key character in this real life "drama", who promises, yet a year later, plus,  nothing has changed, and then even more time passes...and no change!

Some pages have been originally written by Daniel but tweaked here for reading by others so that they can learn more. Of course, I have added the links also.  I've also modified some of the languaging.

He is to be applauded for having been the pioneer in trying out many of these tactics and strategies and in confronting what he needed to address to make progress.  However, at this time, he has chosen not to follow the recommended tactics and strategies.

So the story remains, unfinished with any good ending - but you can use it to avoid the same (or somewhat similar) problems.

It is a year and a half since he promised with "all sincerity" that he would do life learning and cure his "ruined life" (his phrase).

Pieces relevant to Daniel

The Busy Mindset Versus The Value Mindset - Getting out of the trap and creating freedom and a good life instead.

The Overly Busy Person - And Why He Can't Get Unbusy - Versus The World Of Reality - You can't get out of it unless you change something in the downward spiral.

The Fixed Mindset Versus The Growth Mindset - He is stuck, locked in, defensive and he must...

Justifications, Excuses, Reasons-Why-Not Begone! - If he continues this, he will be stuck in the muck.

The Integrity Game - He violates integrity all the time, and misconscrews it for just morality.

Child Persona - We Hold Onto This As If It Were Useful, But It Isn't!!!!  - He exists from this viewpoint, full of guilt and shame and needing approval, being dependent, seeking rescue...

Clearing Up My Racket Of Being A Child - The Access To Freedom And Power - He still operates as if feeling guilty about something absolves him from responsibilty. (See, on this page you are on, the link for "Solving The Guilt Problem.)

I Am A Human Pipeline - I Shall Live Based On That, Not On Irreality - He thinks he can put more in the pipeline that is possible and he keeps suffering from it. 

I Can Have It All - Wanna Bet? - Although this is meant for many people, it refers to Daniel as a person who operates on this fiction, fantasy, irreality?

He is always rescuing others, but he needs to Set Effective Boundaries - Freeing Oneself. And he expects to get rescued, while not seeing that he still believes in the paradigms behind being CoDependent (enter the term in the search engine).

He is stuck here, as described by his spouse: " It goes on constantly, being a little child, "doesn't know what he is doing in life."  Yet he fails to diligently learn life, leaving this as an unsolved problem and creating a net negative for his spouse.

Daniel has developed no base for himself, so he is dependent on "out there" and the approval of others, often frantically.  He is trapped.  The way out is to develop his own very solid bases.

My Positives Portfolio - Daniel .


Solving The Problems Caused By Guilt - Never Leaving It Unquestioned And/Or Unresolved - Yes, this uses his example to bring out the lesson.